WEAPONS - "Captive Audience"

Format:  LP
Year:  1985
Genre:  Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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  1. This was a great band. Joey Gaydos on guitar, Gunner Ross on drums. I used to go see these guys at the Token Lounge in westalnd around 1985 1986. They absolutely blew the roof off the place. I really do mis thouse days.

  2. Great bands.
    WLLZ use to play local bands Friday night and I would record it but those tpaes are long gone now.Alot of great local bands got played on the radio though.Wish I still had those tapes.
    It's when Weapons,Halloween,The Strut & Seduce where big.
    Never saw any of them live though.I was planning to see Weapond live at the Blind Pig in 87 but I never made it to that show.
    Those where some great year though.
    anyone know where I can find the "Kick out the Jams" cover these bands did together around that time?