PSYCHOSIS - "Trichotillomania"

Format:  Cassette
Year:  1990
Genre:  Crossover / Thrash

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  1. We recorded this at a studio built by Grand Funk Railroad in the 1970's in Fenton Michigan. It was set back in the woods in a large clearing. They had a pond stocked with fish and fishing poles for musicians to use during down time. The basic tracks were recorded live in the large room with over dubs done later. Killed in Comfort was recorded in one take with no overdubs whatsoever. We recorded all the tracks in 4 days, then spent one 10 hour day per track mixing things. We won an award for song writing for Demon Lord, they didn't know what category to put us in so it was for song writing for Rock and R&B vocal duo or group. Fluffy Bunny Boo was a hit on Michigan's college radio stations. We are in the Encyclopedia Metallium at this link http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Psychosis/3540299054 thanks for helping to keep our music alive and out there.

    JustDave Rectenwal lead vocalist or Psychosis

    my blog: thenewjdp.blogspot.com